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Build your site in 3 easy steps!

1Choose a design

Website Builder has over 100 custom built templates to suit all styles and industries. These templates also come complete with content to suit your business category yet are completely customisable. Now you can use and edit the existing content instead of writing your site content from scratch!

2Customise it

You can create a site menu and new pages in the Website Builder console. If you have used all your allocated pages and would like more, you can add pages any time in your Account Manager.

3Publish Site

After you have completed building or updating your site, it is time to publish it to the world. You can preview your changes before pushing them live to the internet.

Professional Ecommerce Website Templates

Sell Everywhere

Sell online everywhere, eShop website builder works on mobile phones, connects into social sites and marketplaces like eBay. Your customers are not limited to only purchasing through your website.

Manage Your Online Shop

eShop simple dashboard allows you to easily manage your customers and orders. The System Settings section allow you to set definitions, such as Store Profile, Zones, Shipping and Payment methods to get your online store up-and-running. The System Settings also allow you to change the email notification text sent to customers.

Make Your Business Global

eShop complete eCommerce platform supports multi-currency with 40 payment options and 50 languages giving you a greater reach to international business.

Easily Manage Your Online Shop

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A website builder allows users to create their own sites quickly and conveniently. It’s very simple to use and does not require manual code editing or programming, making the web page design process easier and faster. With the help of this tool, you can quickly create your own website even if you’re a newbie or are not quite tech-savy.

These days, one of the most effective ways to promote your products and services is to create a website. It’s also a great and relatively cheap way to build your online presence and to attract a wider target market. Websites allow you to:
Become more accessible
When you build a website, you’re making it easier for international customers to access your products and services. You’re also making it more convenient for people to get in touch with you. This does not only adds to your competitive edge, but also helps build your overall credibility.
Save time and money
Creating a website gives you a dedicated space for promoting your own products and services. This helps you reduce the time and money spent traditional advertising efforts such as print, radio, and television ads.
Enhance customer service
Since clients can get in touch with your business at any time, you will be able to address their questions and issues more efficiently. You will also have the opportunity to share updates about your company and establish a stronger relationship with your clients.

Ease of use
Thanks to website builders, you don’t need to be a professional programmer or web builder to be able to create a personalised site. You don’t need to have learn any complex codes or have any programming skill to use this program. All you need to do is choose a template online, then drag and drop the features you want for your page. You can also choose different colour schemes, layouts, and fonts. This makes the process easier, convenient, and even fun.
By choosing a website builder in Australia, you can significantly reduce the traditional cost of creating a site. You won’t need to hire a professional web builder or coder. Also, you won’t have to spend on extra features as most packages are already include useful add-ons.
Saves time
Another benefit of using a DIY website builder is that it gives you more control over the time spent on building and editing a site. Depending on the layout and features you choose, you can get the finished site in just a couple of minutes. This way, you will have more time to focus on project that contribute more to your corporate bottom line.
Offers several layouts and graphics
Before the advent of the easy website builder, people needed to create unique layouts for their websites. This not only takes time, but also requires a lot of research and effort on the creator’s or maker’s part. The job can also become more complicated if you wish to add features like a photo library, shopping cart, and payment mode. Australian website builder tools have eliminated this hassle. When they start using the software, users are provided with a selection of set templates they can use to build a site that’s unique and visually appealing.

Determine your needs

Before you start looking at different DIY layouts, you must start off by identifying your needs and preferences. What kind of website do you want to design? Do you want to build a blog or an ecommerce site? Who is your target audience in Australia? Will you include videos? What kind of content do you want to offer? Answering these questions will help you determine what factors you must watch out for during your selection. This way, you can choose the right template quickly and efficiently.

Consider your field of business

Developers usually create DIY webpage templates around a specific idea, theme, or industry. You need to choose a layout that is best for the type of business you are in. This way, it will be easy for you to build and personalise the page with your own pictures and content. Here at Crazy Domains, we offer a wide variety of templates that will suit any kind of business. We also offer layouts ideal for professionals such as doctors, lawyers, seamstresses, chefs and many more.

Think of your visual preferences

Photos, icons, videos, and other graphics are a great way to personalise your site and make it your own. They are also effective ways to connect with your target audience. So when you create a website in Australia, choose a template that gives you freedom to control your visual content.

Consider your textual content

Aside from visuals, a site also needs textual content. Opt for a layout that gives you enough space for longer texts such as articles, blog posts, and news. The template you choose should also make it easy for you to upload and update your own text.

Take time with your selection

Don’t be in a hurry to choose a layout. Instead, take your time browsing through the different options. Check out every page and determine all its features. Also, try to understand the flow of the template. Remember that aside from being visually appealing and relevant, your site needs to be easy to use and navigate.

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